Dear Friends and Family,
All the Hallers were in Half Moon Bay for Thanksgiving, except the Iowa clan. (26 people) Mom Helen has been staying with the Peranich family for the last two weeks since she returned from Iowa. The new house is almost done, so it was an indoor camp out when everyone came to visit for Thanksgiving. Dianne and Dave rented chairs and George brought tables from his house and the Finches. We slept on blow up mattresses. Otherwise, there wasn’t any furniture in the new house, which made it great fun to run around in and play tag! Most all of the grandchildren played soccer on the first hole of the old golf course at HMB Ocean Colony on Thursday. (Obviously the course was closed!) Dianne and Dave’s new house is on the first hole (par 5) so everyone just walked out the back gate. The food was prepared at the “old” house and brought over for warming at the new house. The Peranich family will be moving to the new house in approximately 3 weeks or so. Everyone had a wonderful time and it was great to catch up! Dad, Scott, Dan and Jarrett even got in a round of golf on Friday. The weather was beautiful, especially on the finishing 18th hole which is right on the ocean.
Dianne has an oncology appointment tomorrow, so we will see what is determined. Dianne has her last expander fill on Thursday. She feels pretty well for having been through so much in a short amount of time. I’ll let everyone know how her appointments go as soon as I get the update.
Our priest Father Leon said today,”Remember the REASON for the SEASON!” I wish everyone a blessed Advent! Love, MK

More Fill

Dear All,
Dianne had a doctor’s appointment yesterday. She received another 100cc of fluid in her breasts. She is at 300cc and will eventually finish at 400cc in the expanders. She has some bruising in the chest area, so the doctor told her to rest more. She had some pain last night from the stretching of the skin so she did take some pain medication. Her spirits remain very good! She is napping right now, so after that I told her she could go watch Dominique cheer at 4pm.
Dianne and Dave are extremely thankful for all the LOVE poured out by family and friends. God Bless, Love, MK


Dear Family and Friends,
Fabulous news! Doc saw the reconstructive surgeon today and he took out her drains. Doc feels like a FREE woman! She can lift her arms higher and use her arms a little more. The surgeon was very pleased with her progress! She has another appointment on Wednesday and will have more fluid put in the expanders at that time. Doc continues to relax a fair amount, which has probably helped with her quick healing. She occasionally takes a celebrehx for pain, but I think with the drains out there will be less of that.
A quick update on all the rest of the Peranich Family:
Dave has been unbelievable. He starts at 6am and goes until he drops into bed. Highlights include wife caring, children’s activities, work interruptions, remodel decision making, puppy patrol, Phoebe ball throwing on the beach, watering wheat grass in the garage, reading college essays, dishes, making lunches, etc…. You get the idea!
Danielle finished her HMB volleyball career last night. She played terrific against a double block all night long. She just sent her Virginia Tech college application away at the early decision deadline. This is her first choice and she has worked VERY hard to meet all the requirements for Va Tech! She plans to study engineering. She does 3-4 hours of homework each night. She is thrilled today as the HMB football team WON a very important game for first place in their league. Go Cougars!
Dominique is always in a happy mood and will help in any way. She has a dry sense of humor and I enjoy her school stories at the dinner table. She also has 3 hours or more of homework every night. I am hoping to see her cheer next week, as I missed that with a conflict of Danielle’s last volleyball match.
Delaney is my roommate when I stay over. We like to talk when we go to bed each night about anything and everything. One night it was about books and the next night it was about college life. I was able to watch Delaney play in the first round of volleyball playoffs. Sea Crest lost, yet they were very competitive in the match. Delaney has good foot work and a fabulous platform. I see a bright volleyball future for her and I hope she has a good club volleyball try out this weekend.
Well, you are up to speed with the Peranich happenings. Dad George is up for a quick visit to see Danielle play her final volleyball match and go to the HMB auction on Saturday night. Thanks again for all the prayers, cards, dinners, etc…….Doc feels so loved, as it should be! Love, MK

Doc Doing GREAT!

Dear Family and Friends,
Dianne is 6 days post operative and doing amazingly well. She is taking it easy and relaxing. Dave purchased a new bed that moves the head and legs up and down. Dianne is much better if she is sitting up. Doc is also catching up on all her catalog reading. She is totally up to date on all the news, too.
Dr. Naruns called today and the pathology report is IN. The left breast had cancer and it was 4mm, which is VERY small and caught early. The right breast had a pre-cancer area which was removed due to the double mastectomy! Thank goodness Dianne chose to do the double, as they would have had to go back in and take the right breast. Dianne was saved from another operation and more pain!
Dianne rested all day today, so we let her out of the house to go sit on a bleacher to watch Danielle’s volleyball match. The team lost in 4, yet Danielle had 13 kills in their effort.
Dianne and Dave are so grateful to all their wonderful friends and family for all the prayers, cards, meals, flowers, and support. God has truly blessed them! Love, MK


Dear All,
Doc came home Friday night walking under her own power. She walked in, ignored the dogs, and sat down to eat a Caesar Salad. I had a quick chat on speakerphone with her, and she sounded happy to be home! Hopefully, she gets a good night sleep in her own bed. God Bless, MK

Doc Going Home

Dear Family and Friends,
Doc is heading home today after dinner. Guess she is in that 60% that only has to stay overnight after breast cancer surgery. Dianne is off the morphine and on celebrehx. She has already taken two walks in the hospital hallways. I think we might have to tie her to a chair now and again to slow her down! HA! So, ALL the news is GREAT! Thank you God for prayers answered. Love, MK

Post Surgery Update

Dear All,
Just a quick update I got from Dave, Katie and Dan as they were driving from the hospital to Delaney and Danielle’s volleyball matches. Katie says,”Doc looks great!” This is high praise from Kate the Great! Dave said,”Everything went so well. It was almost anti-climatic!” What a relief for everyone, especially Doc, Dave and the girls. Dianne said,”My chest is on fire!” So Dr. Metcalf (Katie) said,” Could you please give her some more morphine?” After the morphine Doc replied,”I am taking a nap now, you can all go to the volleyball games.”
Dave told me there is a 60% chance Dianne would get out of the hospital on Friday, and a 40% chance that Doc goes home on Saturday. It all depends if they have her PAIN under control.
Katie and Joan are going home on Sunday, and I will go over on Sunday or Monday. Mom Helen was praying in earnest from Iowa, along with Jimmy and Matt. Tough for her to be so far away, yet she has raised amazing children who are handling things just fine! Way to go MOM!
After the volleyball matches, Dave was taking the girls to the hospital to see Doc. Dave, YOU are amazing, and I THANK YOU for loving my sister sooooo much!
That’s it from here. More to come tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers, support and PINK! My daughter Nicole even purchased PINK low moccasin UGGS in support of her Aunt! Any excuse to buy some UGGS! Aunty Barb would be PROUD of her! Love, MK
PS My Mom called and said that she took a walk yesterday and was thinking about Barb and Doc. She stopped to regain some composure and looked to the ground. What did she see? You probably guessed it…. A DIME! She said a prayer of Thanksgiving to Barb, who she knows is watching over Dianne!
PPS Thank you Kathy for going to visit Doc since everyone had gone to the girl’s activities. It sure helps to have a big family where there always seems to be someone in the area!

Surgery Update

Dear Friends and Family,
I got a text from Dave at 11:30am with fabulous news: The Sentinal Node is NEGATIVE for cancer. So, Dianne will NOT need radiation or chemotherapy, as the cancer is contained in the left breast. Dianne had both breasts removed and pathology will take a few days. Dr. Narens the oncologist was done and Dr. Fazilat was finishing up the reconstructive part of the surgery. I’ll do another update when I hear Dianne is in recovery and how she is doing.
All three girls went to Mass this morning with Joan. Then they headed off to school. Dianne was given the anointing of the sick yesterday and all of daily Mass prayed over her. Very moving!
More later and thanks for all the prayers! Love, MK

Surgery Scheduled

Dear Friends and Family,
Dianne’s bilateral mastectomy is scheduled for Thursday, October 27th at El Camino Hospital in Mountain View. Please continue to pray for a successful surgery and that the cancer has NOT spread outside the breasts! Katie will hopefully be in the surgery room, so that will be a blessing for Doc! Keep the faith! Love always, MK
PS Everyone put on your calendars to wear PINK on October 27th! This will remind you to pray for Doc! Thanks!

Waiting for Surgery Date

Dear Friends and Family,
Just a quick update on Dianne’s status. She has decided to have a bilateral mastectomy, which means both breasts are removed. She will have reconstruction. She is just waiting on a surgery date, as the surgeon and reconstructive surgeon have to synchronize their calendars. When I have that date, I will let you know ASAP.
On another note, the Peranich family continues to be very busy. Danielle is applying to colleges all across the country, playing volleyball, and studying until the wee hours. Dominique is up at the crack of dawn each weekday for “O” period PE. She is a cheerleader and has a tough class schedule, too. Delaney is in 6th grade, running cross country, playing volleyball, and following around her new puppy Cooper. Doc continues to spearhead the remodel of the new house. Last I went through, the house was a battle zone, with every room under siege. Thus, progress is being made and they hope to be in by Thanksgiving. Dave is busy with work, but came home early from an overseas trip to be with Dianne as they deal together with all the medical decisions.
The Purple Stride Pancreatic Cancer walk is November 5th in Elk Grove where I live. So far, I have about 12 people walking in honor of Barb. I interchange purple and pink a lot these days. Keep the Faith and thanks for the prayers for Dianne and her family. Love, MK