Waiting for Surgery Date

Dear Friends and Family,
Just a quick update on Dianne’s status. She has decided to have a bilateral mastectomy, which means both breasts are removed. She will have reconstruction. She is just waiting on a surgery date, as the surgeon and reconstructive surgeon have to synchronize their calendars. When I have that date, I will let you know ASAP.
On another note, the Peranich family continues to be very busy. Danielle is applying to colleges all across the country, playing volleyball, and studying until the wee hours. Dominique is up at the crack of dawn each weekday for “O” period PE. She is a cheerleader and has a tough class schedule, too. Delaney is in 6th grade, running cross country, playing volleyball, and following around her new puppy Cooper. Doc continues to spearhead the remodel of the new house. Last I went through, the house was a battle zone, with every room under siege. Thus, progress is being made and they hope to be in by Thanksgiving. Dave is busy with work, but came home early from an overseas trip to be with Dianne as they deal together with all the medical decisions.
The Purple Stride Pancreatic Cancer walk is November 5th in Elk Grove where I live. So far, I have about 12 people walking in honor of Barb. I interchange purple and pink a lot these days. Keep the Faith and thanks for the prayers for Dianne and her family. Love, MK