Post Surgery Update

Dear All,
Just a quick update I got from Dave, Katie and Dan as they were driving from the hospital to Delaney and Danielle’s volleyball matches. Katie says,”Doc looks great!” This is high praise from Kate the Great! Dave said,”Everything went so well. It was almost anti-climatic!” What a relief for everyone, especially Doc, Dave and the girls. Dianne said,”My chest is on fire!” So Dr. Metcalf (Katie) said,” Could you please give her some more morphine?” After the morphine Doc replied,”I am taking a nap now, you can all go to the volleyball games.”
Dave told me there is a 60% chance Dianne would get out of the hospital on Friday, and a 40% chance that Doc goes home on Saturday. It all depends if they have her PAIN under control.
Katie and Joan are going home on Sunday, and I will go over on Sunday or Monday. Mom Helen was praying in earnest from Iowa, along with Jimmy and Matt. Tough for her to be so far away, yet she has raised amazing children who are handling things just fine! Way to go MOM!
After the volleyball matches, Dave was taking the girls to the hospital to see Doc. Dave, YOU are amazing, and I THANK YOU for loving my sister sooooo much!
That’s it from here. More to come tomorrow. Thank you for all the prayers, support and PINK! My daughter Nicole even purchased PINK low moccasin UGGS in support of her Aunt! Any excuse to buy some UGGS! Aunty Barb would be PROUD of her! Love, MK
PS My Mom called and said that she took a walk yesterday and was thinking about Barb and Doc. She stopped to regain some composure and looked to the ground. What did she see? You probably guessed it…. A DIME! She said a prayer of Thanksgiving to Barb, who she knows is watching over Dianne!
PPS Thank you Kathy for going to visit Doc since everyone had gone to the girl’s activities. It sure helps to have a big family where there always seems to be someone in the area!