Doc Doing GREAT!

Dear Family and Friends,
Dianne is 6 days post operative and doing amazingly well. She is taking it easy and relaxing. Dave purchased a new bed that moves the head and legs up and down. Dianne is much better if she is sitting up. Doc is also catching up on all her catalog reading. She is totally up to date on all the news, too.
Dr. Naruns called today and the pathology report is IN. The left breast had cancer and it was 4mm, which is VERY small and caught early. The right breast had a pre-cancer area which was removed due to the double mastectomy! Thank goodness Dianne chose to do the double, as they would have had to go back in and take the right breast. Dianne was saved from another operation and more pain!
Dianne rested all day today, so we let her out of the house to go sit on a bleacher to watch Danielle’s volleyball match. The team lost in 4, yet Danielle had 13 kills in their effort.
Dianne and Dave are so grateful to all their wonderful friends and family for all the prayers, cards, meals, flowers, and support. God has truly blessed them! Love, MK