Dear Family and Friends,
Fabulous news! Doc saw the reconstructive surgeon today and he took out her drains. Doc feels like a FREE woman! She can lift her arms higher and use her arms a little more. The surgeon was very pleased with her progress! She has another appointment on Wednesday and will have more fluid put in the expanders at that time. Doc continues to relax a fair amount, which has probably helped with her quick healing. She occasionally takes a celebrehx for pain, but I think with the drains out there will be less of that.
A quick update on all the rest of the Peranich Family:
Dave has been unbelievable. He starts at 6am and goes until he drops into bed. Highlights include wife caring, children’s activities, work interruptions, remodel decision making, puppy patrol, Phoebe ball throwing on the beach, watering wheat grass in the garage, reading college essays, dishes, making lunches, etc…. You get the idea!
Danielle finished her HMB volleyball career last night. She played terrific against a double block all night long. She just sent her Virginia Tech college application away at the early decision deadline. This is her first choice and she has worked VERY hard to meet all the requirements for Va Tech! She plans to study engineering. She does 3-4 hours of homework each night. She is thrilled today as the HMB football team WON a very important game for first place in their league. Go Cougars!
Dominique is always in a happy mood and will help in any way. She has a dry sense of humor and I enjoy her school stories at the dinner table. She also has 3 hours or more of homework every night. I am hoping to see her cheer next week, as I missed that with a conflict of Danielle’s last volleyball match.
Delaney is my roommate when I stay over. We like to talk when we go to bed each night about anything and everything. One night it was about books and the next night it was about college life. I was able to watch Delaney play in the first round of volleyball playoffs. Sea Crest lost, yet they were very competitive in the match. Delaney has good foot work and a fabulous platform. I see a bright volleyball future for her and I hope she has a good club volleyball try out this weekend.
Well, you are up to speed with the Peranich happenings. Dad George is up for a quick visit to see Danielle play her final volleyball match and go to the HMB auction on Saturday night. Thanks again for all the prayers, cards, dinners, etc…….Doc feels so loved, as it should be! Love, MK