Dear Friends and Family,
All the Hallers were in Half Moon Bay for Thanksgiving, except the Iowa clan. (26 people) Mom Helen has been staying with the Peranich family for the last two weeks since she returned from Iowa. The new house is almost done, so it was an indoor camp out when everyone came to visit for Thanksgiving. Dianne and Dave rented chairs and George brought tables from his house and the Finches. We slept on blow up mattresses. Otherwise, there wasn’t any furniture in the new house, which made it great fun to run around in and play tag! Most all of the grandchildren played soccer on the first hole of the old golf course at HMB Ocean Colony on Thursday. (Obviously the course was closed!) Dianne and Dave’s new house is on the first hole (par 5) so everyone just walked out the back gate. The food was prepared at the “old” house and brought over for warming at the new house. The Peranich family will be moving to the new house in approximately 3 weeks or so. Everyone had a wonderful time and it was great to catch up! Dad, Scott, Dan and Jarrett even got in a round of golf on Friday. The weather was beautiful, especially on the finishing 18th hole which is right on the ocean.
Dianne has an oncology appointment tomorrow, so we will see what is determined. Dianne has her last expander fill on Thursday. She feels pretty well for having been through so much in a short amount of time. I’ll let everyone know how her appointments go as soon as I get the update.
Our priest Father Leon said today,”Remember the REASON for the SEASON!” I wish everyone a blessed Advent! Love, MK